OPTICS — For Automated Provider Signatures

OPTICS — For Automated Provider Signatures

Facilities must comply with a plethora of regulations in order to maintain compliance with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid. Many LTC/CC facilities experience untimely and inadequate Provider Signatures which continues to be a significant source of compliance risk. 

Microscope Optics

OurOPTICSInnovative Technology has a primary function for optimizing PDPM Medicare Part A reimbursement and contains value add features including a value add feature for automation of Provider Signatures for Medicare Part A Certifications and Re-Certifications. 

InOPTICSthe Provider Signature process is as follows:

  • Using a Provider exclusive PIN number for HIPPA secure text messages. 
  • The Provider will receive a one-time text in the morning from the Facility with all needed Certification and Re-Certification signatures required. 
  • The Provider can take all day to sign.
  • It allows Providers flexibility by permitting them to be off-site without needing a computer or a special space to complete. 
  • Once completed the signed Certifications or Re-Certifications are returned back to OPTICS for archiving and managing for compliance. 

TheOPTICSautomated Provider Signature feature is a HUGE satisfier for providers! Providers can sign anywhere, do not need special equipment or special space and with a one- time text send by the facility are not inundated throughout the day with constant messaging. 

OPTICS is a WIN for both Provider and Facility compliance. 

To schedule a demo of ourOPTICSInnovative Technology feature for automated provider signatures please contact:

Michael F. Masse, OTR/L, Senior Director - Long Term Care / Continuing Care

mmasse(at)microscopeHC.com / 607.316.6576

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