Optimize your opportunities

More reimbursements, more profits

Microscope has professionals who have extensive knowledge relative to State and Federal reimbursement issues that significantly impact the operational decisions of a healthcare facility. We address many reimbursement topics and leverage our experience to ensure that your organization takes full advantage of every available opportunity.

Our Service Offerings Include

  • Cost Reports, Acute and SNF
    (review, preparation, analysis) 
  • Medicare Disproportionate Share/UCC 
  • Medicare Low Volume Adjustment 
  • Medicare bad debts 
  • Sole Community Hospital determination
  • Critical Access Hospital determination 
  • Financial Assistance Law Compliance 
  • Indigent Care Pool analysis 
  • Medicaid DSH Tool preparation and analysis
  • Third-party payor contract review 
  • Reimbursement department outsourcing
  • Strategic reimbursement planning 
  • Medicare S-10 assistance 
  • Price Transparency Compliance

Contact Microscope Reimbursement Team

Richard T. (Terry) Lang, CPA, FHFMA
Managing Principal



Richard T. (Terry) Lang, CPA, FHFMA

William N. Wildridge III, CPA
CEO/Managing Partner



William N. Wildridge III, CPA