Time To Ask

Time To Ask

Since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis long term care and continuing care facility leaders have had to sustain a relentless, focused intensity and attention to address all things COVID-19 while attempting to ensure financial sustainability. 

While it is true that some facilities who qualified for and who took advantage of government provider relief funding were somewhat buoyed financially in the interim. Yet, this short term financial assist will certainly come to an end leaving many facilities who have not developed and implemented long term financial strategies with no viable financial safety net. Add to this COVID-19 sponsored issues plaguing facilities such as resident health impacts of an unintended isolation, increasing reporting requirements, intensified facility staffing shortages, an aging population with increased chronic conditions coming to facilities and more are all setting the stage for an unprecedented freefall and collapse for many facilities.

Most health experts agree that it is unlikely that COVID-19 has an end. A host of variants will demand unwavering vigilance to this virus in all types of senior care facilities. Sustainability for facilities will absolutely correlate with how well owners, operators and leaders implement consistent and effective strategies to manage current and developing trends and issues. 

And make no mistake, facilities cannot do all of this on their own. There are simply too many pieces, too many issues and far too much at stake. Many long term care and continuing care systems and facilities, for a variety of reasons, have historically clung to a reluctance on seeking outside expert assistance. But now, like never before, in order to remain viable, facilities must seek out external, expert assistance and partnerships for optimized finances and operations. Owners, operators and leaders will need to strip away their fears, anxieties, vanities or other compulsions that have perpetuated the practice of keeping outside help away if they want to remain alive. Really good leaders know when to ask for help.It’s time to ask. 


Article written by Michael Masse


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