Emergency Preparedness

Don’t get caught in crisis without a workable plan.

Be Ready

It’s important for healthcare organizations to have contingencies in place to quickly react to unforeseen events. Microscope can review your Emergency Operations Plan for compliance with CMS Emergency Preparedness Regulatory Requirements and help you improve your first response performance.

Make A Plan

  • Assess your risks – complete a Hazards Vulnerability Assessment
  • Plan your response – use your resources
  • Write it down
  • Train your management and staff
  • Drill – run a Table Top Exercise
  • After Action Reporting – review and write-up your performance
  • Learn from the past

Be Prepared

  • Annual process – risks change every year
    • Was global pandemic killing 800,000 Americans your #1 risk?
    • Is cyber severity on your radar?
    • Have you watched local incidences of financial fraud discovered since COVID began?
  • Re-write
  • Re-train
  • Re-drill


  • Know you mission priorities -  meet those first
  • Communicate with public and staff
  • Create a reasonable estimate of time to recover
  • Develop in advance resources for supplies, PPE., alternative space, and  staffing through crisis

Contact Microscope Emergency Preparedness Team

Ellie Luker, CPA, JD, LLM
Microscope Managing Principal



Ellie Luker, CPA, JD, LLM

William N. Wildridge III, CPA
CEO/Managing Partner



William N. Wildridge III, CPA