Margin Solutions

Margin Solutions is a patented, proven-in-practice process with a zero-risk approach and a 4 to 1 ROI. Guaranteed.

Enterprise-Wide Margin Optimization

Margin Solutions is designed specifically for for hospitals and nursing home systems with commonly occurring and recurring low operating margins and/or low days cash on hand.

Margin Solutions confronts and conquers the difficulties and burdens of gaining the appropriate financial and operational staff resources, as well as the critical dollars, needed to quickly and easily meet contemporary challenges and business continuation concerns.

To effectively meet these challenges and concerns, Microscope Margin Solutions provides enterprise-wide margin optimization in a fast, low-resource, cost-effective, no risk engagement. 

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Each solution we provide are designed to be implemented with little time on your part... Margin Solutions does all the work...quickly...and without interfering with the hospital’s day-to-day workflow, pattern and priorities.

The hospital should expend no more than 2 hours per month, divided among 3-4 hospital staff for the 9 months of implementation.


100% of our Solutions are proven-in-practice. We have already implemented effectively at other small hospitals across the country.

Margin Solutions is implemented for you following the same process we’ve already performed at dozens of other similar hospitals for the past 16 years.


There is no financial risk with the Margin Solutions, there are no up-front fees.

If Margin Solutions produces no new savings or revenues, there are no fees to your organization.

Fees are only for new countable savings and revenues shown to be facilitated by and generated by the Margin Solutions service.

The Most Common Concern...

It’s too good to be true! But, the truth is…

  • 100% of our Top Solutions have already been successfully implemented at dozens of similarly situated small hospitals. Each and every Solution implemented always results in new, high value, countable savings and/or revenues.
  • Our zero-risk contracts contractually guarantee a 4 to 1 ROI from these implemented Solutions. If the Solutions didn’t work, we couldn’t offer an guarantee....
  • There is no black box. We carefully explain every Solution and help you implement each and every Solution you choose. There’s never a fee unless the Solution produces new, actual savings/revenues. If the Solutions didn’t produce new, demonstrable savings/revenues, we couldn’t be in business in 33 states.

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Richard Kunnes, MD

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