Why Microscope + Oi Health?

We’re healthcare people who bring holistic support through the power of
honest data, a team of experienced analysts and empowered users.

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Easy to use

User-friendly, modern design—using any web browser... no additional software to install or manage,

Comprehensive Monitoring

Heads-up displays and thorough financial, productivity, performance and quality metrics—all in one place.

Data Confidence

Oi’s stringent reject and integrity checks mean less time worrying, and more time doing.

Power on every screen

Oi puts the industry’s most powerful decision making tools at your fingertips with its intuitive interface and easy-to-use features.

  • Industry-leading cost accounting
  • Fast budgeting and forecasting
  • Service line profitability analysis


Align People and Data

Your People

Simplicity and insight your users will love: Oi solutions use intuitive interfaces with easy on-boarding for both financial and clinical departments.


Your Data

We believe in Honest Data: Oi makes sure your data tells the truth. We facilitate pinpoint, accurate, and financially sound decision-making from the start.

Honest Data = One System, One answer

You should be working from one data feed between all of your entity systems. This starts with an approach to data that prioritizes easy reconciliation, seamless communication between modules, and minimal work for you.

Financial Performance

Oi Financial Performance is the start of a new era of understanding your financial realities.

Bringing your financial data to life is about more than general ledgers and journal entries. Oi Financial Performance intuitively enables the valuable analyses and insight you need to make better decisions and improve results. Oi makes this possible by bringing you the pristine data and side-by-side support we pride ourselves on.  

Labor Productivity

Oi understands that your labor decisions have a direct result on clinical care. That’s why our Labor Productivity module provides your managers with clear, actionable insights that empower your most important decisions.

Labor Productivity pulls in data at the lowest granularity (every earning code, every pay period, every employee for hours and dollars), facilitating virtually unlimited analysis for any labor component from productivity to overtime, to premium pay and beyond.

Operational Budgeting

Operational Budgeting the gateway to a dynamic budget process that bridges the gap between management and finance decisions and supports all your organization’s budgetary needs.

Building on the same interface as our Financial Performance and Labor Productivity modules, Operational Budgeting is always in production. There are no shadow systems, allowing data to flow freely between modules, maintaining transparency with all budgetary changes.


These are just three of the functional modules that Oi uses to ensure a complete picture of optimized operations across all departments and facilities in your organization. Oi combines these and 7 other powerful module in one tool to optimal financial health.

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