Maximize federal support.

Comply and Optimize

According to the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), enrolled hospitals and other covered entities can achieve average savings of 25 to 50% in pharmaceutical purchases.

As regulatory scrutiny over the 340B Program has recently been intensified by HRSA, covered entities must utilize independent audits as part of fulfilling their ongoing obligation to ensure compliance. Microscope’s experienced team and compliance services allow covered entities to reinforce operations under the 340B Program, recommend areas for improvement and help to prepare for future program integrity audits. 

Stretch Funding

Microscope can help your organization stretch limited resources to better serve vulnerable communities. We identify areas which can be maximized for peak efficiency, allowing you to offer services while keeping overhead and operating costs down. 
Services include:

  • Independent Review and Verification of Policies and Procedures 
  • Compliance Best Practices and Recommendations

Identify Unused Funds

Microscope can help hospitals in the 340B program to invest in maintaining, improving or expanding access to pharmaceuticals and/or other patient care services to benefit patients. We help you navigate complex regulatory requirements by HRSA and realize untapped revenue..  
Services include:

  • Review of 340B Program Data and Internal Controls 
  • Assistance with Formalizing Internal Control Documentatio

Maximize Discounts

Are you getting the most from your 340B Program? Microscope can help you get up to 50% discounts on eligible pharmaceuticals by working with you to review your program and procedures. 
Services include:

  • Covered Entity Eligibility 
  • Periodic Ongoing Program Integrity Audits 
  • Compliance Testing of Transactions 

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