Time is NOT on Your Side

Time is NOT on Your Side

The current issues of underfunding, understaffing and increased expenses certainly continue to handcuff many organizations in Long Term Continuing Care. The stress load of previous long standing industry issues, the long battle with COVID-19 and now a pile on of post pandemic impacts have seemingly paralyzed organizations to the point where they “feel” as though they are unable to make any significant operational improvements for success. Everyone in the LTCC industry is aware of the numbers of facility closures (especially nursing homes) and mergers and acquisitions continue to increase industry wide.

In my consulting discussions with organizations many leaders communicate to me that they can’t really do “anything” unless the government steps in. And yes, to solve the global industry underfunding and staffing issues the feds and states will certainly have to enact legislation to resolve these areas. The future of senior care is dependent on this. But, it will take time. How much time? Many are predicting the staffing issues will be around for years.This is years, not months, not weeks. Time is simply not a luxury that most organizations have. Yet, if organizational leaders truly “perceive” that they cannot make operational improvements until the government steps in and choose inactivity what do you think the odds are of any short term success or for that matter any future sustainability?

If organizations truly want to remain in the fight for survival there is no time to wait. This is a time to develop sound, actionable strategies with implementation of real solutions to improve operations right now. Where do you begin? Each organization is unique in their major issues and pain points. And for many organizations there are far too many issues to tackle alone. Microscope-HC consulting professionals can help organizations prioritize, assess and implement solutions that put them on a path to success. Below is a short list of areas where the Microscope-HC team can provide needed expertise and assistance.

  • Revenue/Reimbursement 
  • Census Building 
  • Workforce Culture Development
  • Staff Retaining Measures
  • Cost Control
  • Compliance
  • Care Quality Improvement
  • Cost Reporting
  • MDS Efficiencies/Staff Support
  • Technology and Health Care Products


Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can provide you with the needed assistance for reaching your organizational goals for success - right now. 

Article written by Michael Masse


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