OPTICS: Monthly Demos

OPTICS: Monthly Demos

Please join us for a 30 minute demonstration of an innovative technology solution called OPTICS that will help your organization optimize PDPM Medicare Part A reimbursement and compliance. The OPTICS demos are scheduled monthly on every 3rd Wednesday of each month from 12 noon to 12:30 pm. This is an informal, at your convenience lunch and learn with time built in for questions and discussion. Invite your MDS, the rest of the clinical team and anyone you may like.

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In the OPTICS demo you will see the benefits of a technology that is:

  • Web based and easy to use
  • Viewed in real time and on one page showing all PDPM information, including active and primary diagnosis, clinical scoring and reimbursement
  • Promotes a collaborative clinical team approach that improves accuracies of PDPM scoring and ensures you do not leave appropriate reimbursement behind
  • Saves your clinical team valuable time
  • Decreases unnecessary information chasing and back end re-work by the MDS team
  • Let’s you know what your reimbursement looks like even before that MDS is closed

There is an increasing amount of technology out there. This easy, 30 min, at your convenience format provides you and your clinical team a great way to view and assess a technology together in an informal setting. A great way to demonstrate staff inclusion, a much needed factor in staff retaining. Please join me for this monthly scheduled demo. Or, if you need an alternate date and time for an OPTICS demo contact our Continuing Care Leader, Mike Masse

mmasse(at)microscopehc.com / 607.316.6576