OPTICS Multi-Use Innovative Technology

OPTICS Multi-Use Innovative Technology

For long-term care services, useful and effective technologies are becoming more readily available. Yet, choosing the right application is a challenge. An Example of a valuable technology system with multiple function capabilities for maximal benefit is our OPTICS INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY. The OPTICS software technology is our easy to use, web based, multi –functioning application for optimizing reimbursement, compliance and care quality.

The major feature in the application is OPTICS for PDPM MEDICARE PART A REIMBURSEMENT AND COMPLIANCE. This feature promotes a best practice collaborative approach within the clinical team to ensure PDPM information and scoring accuracy. OPTICS  shows all PDPM work in real time viewing including reimbursement all on one page, provides coaching assist for the clinical team, shows potential missed reimbursement opportunities, promotes clinical team time saving and eliminates back end MDS re-work thus relieving added workload stress for your MDS Coordinator. This tool allows you to increases your appropriate reimbursement, ensures you are not leaving reimbursement “on the table” and backs it all up with accurate information for compliance.

Another great feature within the application is our OPTICS FRAILTY BASED ASSESSMENT AND SCORING FOR RESIDENT RISK MANAGEMENT ASSIST. This OPTICS feature directly aligns with developing Value Based Care initiatives and utilizes FRAILTY assessment and scoring as a formal way to assess and identify resident declines in physical functioning for resident risk management assist.  

And there’s more! A very useful feature for many facilities within the application is our OPTICS FOR AUTOMATED PROVIDER SIGNATURES (MEDICARE PART A CERTIFICATIONS AND RE-CERTIFICATIONS). Provider signatures continue to be a thorn in the side of many facilities. The value add feature for automating provider signatures is a win for both the facility and for providers as well.

One great tool with multi- functional capabilities. OPTICS is definitely worth a review. Contact Microscope today to schedule a demonstration of a truly effective technology for optimizing reimbursement, compliance, risk management and resident care.

Article written by Michael Masse

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