The MDS Conundrum

The MDS Conundrum

MDS staff members in long-term care (LTC) report that they continue to work under sustained workload stresses that have too often led to job departures. MDS team members in long-term care organizations certainly are not the only clinical professionals or even support staff who are feeling the ill effects of the post pandemic “do more with less” environment. But, the MDS job function demands a very specific, focused skill set that organizations essentially survive by (or not).

The MDS staff have long been known as the appointed organization sentinels for reimbursement, compliance and even care quality and the added workload stressors are putting organizations at significant risk. Organizations are still working through a plethora of issues that include staffing, workforce transformation, revenue improvement, compliance and improving care quality to name a few. With these issues at hand, leaders are seemingly handcuffed as they attempt to prioritize need areas with often too little resources at their disposal from within the organization. It is a conundrum.

But, it doesn’t have to be. Organizational Leaders should look towards gaining the assistance of experienced and trusted outside partners to support their MDS teams, to shore up this vital clinical area in order to help ensure organizational stability. At Microscope we understand the MDS conundrum, and we have the MDS experts ready to help! Consider utilizing Microscope’s comprehensive remote MDS Support Services.

Our highly experienced MDS Support Team can provide:

    • Manage facility Minimum Data Sets (MDS)
    • Complete a Medicare Admissions Comprehensive Review, Medicaid Review.
    • Assist with processes for timely, effective services, and optimized reimbursement
    • Complete the MDS in the absence of MDS staff or when the volume of assessments are high
    • Educate new or existing MDS staff in all aspects of the RAI process and reimbursement maximization, MDS coding, Medicare guidelines in relation to skilled nursing documentation
    • Assist with internal or external audit management (OMIG, RAC, MDS).
    • Work with the business office to be sure the claims are accurate before transmission.



A comprehensive remote Reimbursement Review completed by our highly skilled Microscope team has been very successful in helping organizations assess process and performance that lead to implementing beneficial solutions for optimized reimbursement and compliance.

We custom tailor the review based on your needs and budget and can be completed for a specific payer or all payer types.  

  • We utilize a HIPAA compliant remote portal system to focus on key processes such as utilization review, coding accuracy, documentation and appropriate charge capturing to improve reimbursement optimization and to be proactive on denials.
  • We communicate identified opportunities and trends with suggested solutions and needed support assistance as appropriate including any needed training and education.
  • We provide a detailed written summary report and conduct a post review meeting with organization leaders.

Convey to your MDS team that they truly are a most valued asset to your organization by providing them the ample support and resources they need-that your organization needs. Contact Mike Masse today to provide you with detailed information about how our services will absolutely be of significant benefit.  

Michael F. Masse, OTR/L 

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