Reimbursement and Compliance With OPTICS Innovative Technology

Reimbursement and Compliance With OPTICS Innovative Technology

At the beginning of the reimbursement methodology change from RUGS to the Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM) skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) were left to figure out what approach or “system” they would use for ensuring scoring accuracy and proper reimbursement. Many facilities took to pen and paper. Still others with a desire for technology subscribed to a software system (or multiple systems in some cases) in the hope that it would help with PDPM scoring and reimbursement. But as we progress in the PDPM methodology many facilities are dealing with regret, finding that their current systems are just not cutting it for optimized compliance and reimbursement. Today, many facilities are struggling financially. Cost is of heightened concern. Technology is a must for today’s healthcare delivery. But the right technology at the right price with the service to back it up means everything.

OPTICS Innovative Technology software system for PDPM provides an easy to use, time saving, front end system. OPTICS provides real time visibility into information gathering, CMI scoring and reimbursement. It has a built in PDPM “coach” that promotes clinical team collaboration including practitioners to ensure data completion and CMI scoring accuracy to help ensure appropriate, optimized reimbursement for the care you are providing. OPTICS displays reimbursement up front! No more late, back end work for checks and balances. No last minute run around by the MDS Coordinator to get clinicians and practitioners to complete their work.  Administrators can view the expected reimbursement before the MDS is submitted. 

OPTICS also contains an easy to use, time saving, compliance improving feature for automated practitioner signatures and collection of Medicare Part A certifications and re-certifications. Practitioners receive a 1x per day secure text for all of the certs and re-certs that need to be signed for that day. The practitioner signs off via text and the cert/re-cert is collected back into OPTICS to be tracked, monitored and archived. Practitioners will enjoy the ease and freedom of this feature. Practitioners avoid the hassle of being inundated with multiple contacts throughout the day for signature requests and they can take all day to sign with no desk and no laptop needed. 

Let’s face it. Many really good MDS Coordinators are running out the doors of long term care facilities and are flocking to consulting work due to the stressful work overload with PDPM and all things MDS. Don’t lose a great employee! Make an attempt to retain them by making their work life easier. Arm them and your clinical team with an easy to use, comprehensive, time saving system like OPTICS to optimize PDPM compliance and reimbursement.  


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Article written by Michael Masse

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