A web-based technology that utilizes an efficient, best practice clinical collaborative approach for timely and accurate PDPM completion for optimizing PDPM Medicare Part A reimbursement and compliance.

PDPM Coach operates inside applicable EHRs for a one sign-on capability. 

  • Enables users to view and edit PDPM information on 1 page including a view of updated calculations for reimbursement.
  • Promotes collaborative front end accuracies for Primary Diagnosis, Active Diagnosis, Case Mix Scoring and Reimbursement
  • Alerts users to potential missed reimbursement opportunities and potential compliance issues
  • For participating EHR PDPM Coach is accessible as a chrome extension in the EHR for a 1 sign on capability for seamless PDPM information sharing.
  • Ensures timely MDS submissions and saves the MDS team from added workload stress by halting back- end information chasing and MDS re-work.
  • Realize a 3% or more initial increase in Medicare Part A reimbursement, then as staff proficiency with the technology improves it’s a matter of no longer leaving earned reimbursement behind.​​​​​


PDPM Coach provides a most valuable tool for collaborative, clinician-driven PDPM information work to ensure accurate PDPM information and scoring for optimized compliance and PDPM Medicare Part A reimbursement. 

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