Rip The Band-Aid Off Your MDS

Rip The Band-Aid Off Your MDS

As we begin 2024 many facilities have yet to fully, and accurately conform to the changes to the Minimum Data Set (MDS) implemented this past October 2023. Software update issues, lack of MDS related preparation training, continued staffing problems, lack of leadership involvement for the MDS changes, inefficient processes and poor checks and balances have all placed reimbursement, compliance, and care quality at risk. 

But, even prior to the recent MDS changes the “sore” that has afflicted many facilities is only getting worse. The MDS, so vital to organizational success has been historically left unchecked (especially since the COVID-19 pandemic) and subsequently, continues to significantly underperform and in some cases has become infected to the point of inflicting harm. 

Many organization leaders afraid to “meddle” in anything MDS related, have lulled themselves into a sense of quiet contentment simply based on the appointment of a qualified MDS Coordinator who remains recognized (in many organizations) as the sole gatekeeper for all things MDS related. 

But, the MDS Coordinator should not work in a silo. Even the best and most experienced MDS Coordinators in the business understand and appreciate that an accurate, ideal MDS submission demands efficient process and a best practice collaborative approach by all members of the clinical and direct care team. Staff leaders would benefit by taking an active approach to understanding the performance status of their MDS for reimbursement, compliance and care quality and ensure that resources for ongoing staff training, and competencies are provided. 

It is highly recommended that organizations assess their current MDS status and ensure future MDS performance integrity by implementing routine internal auditing along with external 3rd party reviews-a gold standard to ensuring optimized MDS submissions now and in the future. So, rip the band-aid off your current MDS performance and begin the healing for success.

At Microscope, our MDS and clinical experts can guide you and provide the needed assistance and support to get you on track. Our beneficial remote MDS related services include:


  • Perform a tailored Reimbursement/MDS Review that will identify areas of opportunity for improving process flow and coding accuracy for optimizing reimbursement and compliance.


  • Manage facility Minimum Data Sets (MDS).
  • Complete the MDS in the absence of MDS staff, help guide new staff hires or when the volume of assessments are high.


  • Provide beneficial staff re-training related to the October 2023 MDS changes to solidify facility wide competency and performance. 
  • Educate new or existing MDS staff on the RAI and Medicare guidelines, coding accuracies, process efficiencies, reimbursement optimization and more.

For more information, please contact:

Michael F. Masse, OTR/L - mmasse(at)

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