A New Leadership Mantra: Assess, Consider, Act

A New Leadership Mantra: Assess, Consider, Act

As a healthcare consultant at Microscope, I take great pride in providing LTC facilities with professional guidance and assistance to improve revenue, reimbursement, and compliance. As a long-time clinician and leader in senior care I know that if a LTC facility does better in key aspects of their operations then there is a greater opportunity for that facility to provide the specific needed programs, services, and optimized care quality for our seniors and disabled. 

While many facilities have benefitted from Microscope’s healthcare consulting services there is a continued hurdle that is impeding greater success for far too many LTC organizations. Despite heavy industry burdens often resulting in acquisitions and closings there are a significant number of LTC facilities that are reluctant to receive needed outside help. When attempting to discuss proven solutions that could immediately improve areas of operational performance and thereby success, I am often met with an all too frequent mantra, "we do everything in-house". While engaging in discussions with some leaders I am still taken aback at just how quickly many leaders in LTC attempt to convince me (and likely themselves) of their confidence in all things related to operational performance excellence- and this despite well-known issues in their house!

However, I absolutely get it. Many LTC organizations today feel they have been left abandoned by policy and legislation with poor reimbursement models front and center. The pall left over from the atrocities of the COVID-19 pandemic that include continued staffing issues, increased reporting mandates, increased regulatory concerns, increased leadership transitioning, and more that have caused many owners and operators and their leaders to be extremely reluctant or in some cases just too consumed by issues to entertain outside opportunities as presented. Another genuine concern I have heard from LTC leaders has been the overwhelming under delivery of services promised by consulting companies in the past that have left indelible marks. Leadership transitions in LTC also continue at a significant pace further upsetting the continuity in facilities while also causing a leadership vacuum that has permeated throughout LTC. 

I do give LTC leaders a great deal of credit for attempting to address the operational challenges they are facing today. But, this is no time for a “circle the wagons” approach in an era where margins are decreasing and increased legislation towards home and community-based care presses forward. Organizations who understand the true gravity of the environment and take decisive action(s) accordingly, who understand the importance and benefit of partnership that may present itself in a variety of forms, and who are able to employ leaders who have the skills needed to navigate the murky waters of LTC will be able to position for success. 

At Microscope our proven service solutions for MDS Staffing Support/MDS Management, Reimbursement Improvement, Compliance Program Development, Staffing Assist, Cost Reporting, and much more are helping many facilities make improvements needed to thrive. Our services are proving to show exceptional results especially for facilities who are really struggling right now. We are a cost conscious, small consultancy made up of experienced financial and clinical experts driven by results, relationship building and ultimately your success. 

It's simply not feasible to work on everything, and having a trusted outside consulting partner to assist in your success story is incredibly vital. As a leader, I am compelled to research anything and everything that could feasibly help my organization succeed. Assess your needs and what you might gain from partnership risk versus reward. Consider a prospective partner…and vet them. Then, be bold and take timely and appropriateaction. 

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Michaelf F. Masse, OTR/L- Senior Director, Continuing/Long-term Care

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