Four Key Benefits to Hiring an Employee Loan

Are you short a staff accountant? Do you have an employee who is running behind? Did your staff accountant just give a two weeks’ notice with no potential prospects in sight? Do you have a special project that needs to be fulfilled? No worries!

Four Key Benefits to Hiring an Employee Loan

During this time of a workforce shortage it can be very stressful looking for qualified individuals. Hiring an employee loan is a solution that can remove that stress and uncertainty.  Below is a list of the benefits you can achieve with an employee loan:

  1. Vast Resources – When hiring an employee loan, you are not only hiring that employee, you are also getting a team of individuals who support that employee such as a manager and partner. That kind of knowledge and resource can be a huge game changer to overall work performance. Additionally, that team of individuals has resources such as the BDO Alliance, the Healthcare Financial Management Association, and the CPA Journal among many others which can provide guidance and insight on current industry topics.
  2. Increased Efficiency – The loaned employee creates efficiency’s in the workplace. This includes day-to-day work, the closing process, special projects, reconciliations, and any task at hand. These efficiencies are obtained by increased documentation and notes, strong organizational skills, applying new work approaches, techniques or processes and taking time to share time-saving efficiencies with team members to help improve their efficiency while maintaining quality.
  3. Cheaper Alternative – It is better to hire a qualified employee loan than to invest time, money, and benefits in an unqualified employee that might not work out in the short term. The loan allows time to vet all the qualified applications instead of hiring the first application in order to fulfill a role. Additionally, one won’t have to pay an employee loan employee benefits such as a 401k, pension, health insurance, dental insurance, overtime etc.
  4. Work Ethic – Temp agencies often offer employees whose work is clerical in nature. An employee loan offers more than just data entry and answering phones. It provides qualified individuals with many years in the accounting field who have built up knowledge and qualifications to tackle any project necessary. The employees have strong mathematical skills, understand financial reports, maintain strong time management skills, hold effective meetings with team members, understand and meet deadlines/expected results and more.

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Article written by:

Erin A. Senior - Senior Consultant

Erin A Senior