SNFs...Are You Ready?

SNFs...Are You Ready?

As we move through the pandemic in SNF’s and vaccinations are underway, you can bet your bottom dollar that facilities will see an increased push for nursing home oversight and inspections. And certainly, most would agree that we need the oversight to ensure appropriate care practices, safety and compliance are maintained for our senior population.

With all reimbursement models (and PDPM is no different), nursing home operators have had to stay ahead of the game by implementing strategies in an effort to maintain financial wellness. Added pressures from Medicaid funding declines, COVID-19 impacts, pre-COVID census declines and low acuity resident influxes have only served to further threaten financial operator stability.

By employing hopeful strategies to navigate through PDPM and the push for value based service reimbursement, operators will have to prove to CMS that reimbursed services demonstrate appropriate resident benefit, sound clinical judgement, good outcomes, compliance and comprehensive supportive documentation.  

Overwhelmed? Certainly. Under prepared? You don’t have to be!

Partnering with an experienced healthcare consultancy in LTC is no longer a luxury for most operating facilities. An experienced, trusted healthcare consultancy can help you navigate through the inherent industry constraints, mitigate risk, ensure appropriate reimbursement, maintain compliance and assist with care quality service delivery. You don’t have to go it alone.

Be Ready.

Article written by Michael Masse

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