Long Term Care Facilities: Time to Check Under The Hood...

Long Term Care Facilities: Time to Check Under The Hood...

Due to the emergent and continued attention and action needed to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, long term care facilities (LTCFs) may have been remised in developing comprehensive checks and balance for proper reimbursement optimizing, cost containment, regulatory compliance maintenance and service quality program development.  Yet, as we come out of the grips of the pandemic onslaught, the glaring issues of industry wide declining revenues, staffing issues, intensified regulatory requirements, ongoing pandemic stressors and more, have had a numbing and in some cases a disastrous effect on facilities and senior services. 

But, as we move forward,facility leaders will have to assess the status of all operational areas. These leaders should not only identify and prioritize major issues but also actively seek out avenues of opportunity for assistance.   

In reality it will be difficult for LTCFs to thrive without implementing proven solutions for optimal strategies, processes and practices needed for survival in this current environment. There are of course many unknowns about the future in long term care.But it is clear that this is not a time to “go it alone” and it is certainly not a time to “wait it out”. It is a time for action. It is a time for solutions.

This is where our long-term care experts from Microscope can assist. 
Whether your goals are reimbursement optimizing, MDS support, resident risk management assist, census building, compliance, specialty programming, or service quality improvement we have the proven solutions for your success.

Article written by Michael Masse

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