Hope Needs a Plan

Hope Needs a Plan

For the senior care industry wide ranging negative impacts from the recent COVID-19 PHE include declining revenues, increased staffing issues, intensified regulatory reporting requirements and other remaining pandemic stressors are continuing to have a crippling effect for many facilities in long term care (LTC). Unfortunately much of LTC is in a fight or flight situation. And sadly, as a result, many LTC facilities will simply not make it. But for facilities who are in a position to put up a fight and want to be “all in” and do everything in their power to realize success and sustainability there is hope. But hope needs a plan.

This is not a “let’s sit and wait it out” situation. And it’s certainly not hype. Facility leaders in the know fully understand where the industry is at in regards to closures and acquisitions. It’s not pretty out there.

In this current post pandemic environment, which really should still be viewed as “in crisis”, facilities are keenly aware of themost significantissues related to declining revenues and staffing shortages, which are in large part out of their locus of control (think reimbursement methodologies and large scale increased staffing salaries and benefits). However, there are many aspects of operational performance and services within a facility’s ability to work on now in order to engage in an epic battle for survival. 

Planning certainly has to begin with assessing and identifying those details of significant issues in areas such as reimbursement, compliance and care quality. Then, it’s an advance to plans of actionfor developing and implementing sound solutions for efficiencies, improvements and optimizations. Sounds easy right? No, it is not. 

And, for any plan to work facilities must have a very good understanding of their strengthsand weaknesses. Regardless of the desire, facilities have to understand that they cannot do all things well. Any realistic plan must consider a willingness to utilize the experience and expertise of appropriate outside partnership and consultancyas needed in order to position for success.

For the LTC facilities that are “all in” for the fight Microscope wants to be your partner. Microscope has the experience and expertise you need for helping you reach your goals for success and long term sustainability.

Article written by Michael Masse


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